On 1993 October 2nd in Gandhi Jayanthi Sri Durga Surgical Clinic and Research Clinic was strated as a small clinic in a house near Valayapatti, Ponnamaravathy. Later in 11th June 1997 clinic renowated in new building and open by pudukottai district collector honorable Mr.K. Shanmugam IAS. From that day to till now clinic serving people in and around Ponnamaravathy. Now it is steping into 24th year of its journey.

Sri Durga Hospital running under Sri Ponnalazhi amman trust. It is operating under guidance and motto of our founder Mr. A.K Arumugam-Adaikalammal.

Hospital Vision and Mission

"அன்பு,பணிவு, கனிவு, இனியசொல்,உண்மை, உழைப்பு மற்றும் ஏழையின் சிரிப்பில் இறைவனை காண்பது" is our hospital mantra.

Our hospital aims to serve people with utmost good service with our multi speciality medical centre all the time. Through our hospital we attain satisfied customers with our specialised services.